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Livethesource Review, Is Livethesource Your Nano Health And Wealth Producer?

Does Livethesource have what it takes to prosper in the rapidly expanding health and wellness market? This Livethesource review is going to give you some key points to consider before you choose to sign up. I am not in this business, so you can be assured that this assessment is entirely unbiased.

Livethesource Review

Livethesource is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and addresses the growing problem of vitamin deficiency. Their propose is to help users enhance their health and increase their wealth. They are currently operating, through a distributor network, in the United States.

Distributors, from the US, were present at the official launch of Livethesource in Hollywood, California on September 12, 2009.

The Company’s Leadership

Any time you look at getting involved with a new network marketing business, invest the time to evaluate its management team. Do they have the experience to build the company and keep the company in business for the long haul?

Definitely visit, livethersource.com, for more information, but let me mention a couple of facts. All of the four co-founders have experience building billion dollar companies. Two of them have significant multi-level marketing company executive experience.

Co-founder, President, and COO, John Neubauer, served as Chief Operating Officer for Herbalife for several years.

Paul John Peccianti, a co-founder, is the company’s President of Global Sales. He personally has over 25 years of network marketing experience. He previously served as VP, Global Sales for Nikken, a global network marketing, and health and wellness company.

Livethesource’s Premier Product

The company’s first product is named Dailysource. Dailysource is intended to be your complete source of health and well being. It’s a liquid, all natural, nano-encapsulated multi-vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplement.

What’s unique about this company is its patented, all natural nanotechnology. Simply stated, they scientifically found a way to make sure that nano size particles dissolve steadily, providing a sustained release of the vitamins, minerals, and herbal compounds. This method delivers an 80% to 90% rate of absorption.

The Livethesource Opportunity

The company boasts a competitive income opportunity based a uni-level multi-level marketing model. The plan covers retail sales, uni-level earnings, generation earnings, incentives, an ambassador bonus, critical path bonuses, trips, and a car bonus.

The company offers traditional network marketing training and promotional tools. They also introduced their GO Party plan to help distributors get results.

Is this the right opportunity for you to join?

The health and wellness industry is enjoying massive growth. It is also experiencing a lot of competition, something to consider before signing up with this fairly new company.

The usual MLM marketing method is successful for the small percentage of people who do well in the business. Regrettably, about 95% of those, who get involved in MLM, tend to end up being consumers of the product and make very little money.

Nowadays, several people joining MLM are becoming top earners by combining the traditional approach with online marketing. They learned how to produce a consistent flow of highly qualified prospects for their company leveraging the Internet.

This combined marketing approach is definitely something to find out more about, if you are seriously considering getting into this company.

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Your MLM Lead Generation Coach and Mentor,

Livethesource Review, Livethesource

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